Jucheng Gong

Male Name: Jucheng Gong Date of Birth: 01/18/2005 Tel: 05512843432 (might have been changed) He had big eyes and two ears (one ear with one concave nest and another with two concave nests). He was abducted by Gao Hui who was from Fujian Nan’an City Meishan Township village.  He had many pitting like freckles. I…

Dujuan Wu

Female Name: Dujuan Wu Date of Birth: 03/11/1990 Tel: 05512843432 (Might have been changed) She was very lovely and cheerful. There was a scald on her chest when she was 3 years old. Location where lost: Yingtan railway station State: Beijing City

Bo Huang

Male Name: Bo Huang Date of Birth: 10/–/1999 Tel: 05512843432  (might have been changed) He was from Zhuang. He was 1 meter tall, slim build. He had round face, big eyes, double eyelids, straight teeth and a scar on his arm, a heel-sized soybean scar on his foot. He spoke Mandarin. Location where lost: Du’an…

Rui Yang

Male Name: Rui Yang Date of Birth: –/–/2005 Tel: 05512843432 He had a round square face, pale skin and little fatty body. She spoke in a Sichuang accent and a little bit stammer. On December 7, 2008, he was lost on the Riangyuan Lane. He wore the black coat and red cotton shoes. If you…

Xin Luo

Male Name: Xin Luo Date of Birth: 07/10/2002 Tel: 05512843432 (might have been changed) He was four and half years old and 110cm tall. Location where lost: Yiyang Street, Changning City, Hunan Province, State: Hunan Province

Wanxia Hu

Female Name: Wanxia Hu Date of Birth: 08/05/2003 Tel: 05512843432 (might have been changed) She wore a whie suit with a red flower and red flip flops. She had short hair, double eyelid and big eyes. She was very articulate and knew the names of every family member. Location where lost: Bali miao Village of…

Wei Li

Male Name: Wei Li Date of Birth: 03/22/1985 Tel: 05512843432  (might have been changed) He was abducted on the street of Baihe County, Neijiang City, Sichuang. He wore a green sweater, green pants with white side and no shoes on. Location where lost: Baihe County, Neijiang City, Sichuang State: Sichuan Province

Xiumei Zheng

Female Name: Xiumei Zheng Date of Birth: 11/06/1996 Tel: 05512843432 She had pale skin and a few obvious holes on the left ear. There was a small dot on the right leg. Location where lost: Lecong, Shunde, Guangdong Province State: Guangdong Province  

Lijun Li

Female Name: Lijun Li Date of Birth: 02/05/1990 Tel: 05512843432  (might have been changed) She had a round face, round chin and big eyes. She wore a yellow and white long-sleeved shirt, purple pants, and a pair of foam soles. She spoke in Northem accent. Location where lost: Liyou Fang, Chengfu District, Haozhou City, Anhui…

Pan Li

Female Name: Pan Li Date of Birth: 09/–/1987 Tel: 05512843432 (might have been changed) Location where lost: Kunming farm management, Yunnan (at the junction of sea Terrier Road and Ring Road) State: Yunnan Province