Jianhua Feng

Name: Jianhua Feng Date of Birth: 03/08/1992 Tel: 05512843432 He had a soybean-sized black mole on the back of his right knee and a small scar on his left eyebrow. Location where lost: Yunnan Province, Chuxiong county, Yongren County State: Yunnan Province

Xiaomeng Wang

Male Name: Xiaomeng Wang Date of Birth: 02/11/2001 Tel: 05512843432 (might have been changed) He wore blue uniform and a pair of white shoes. He spoke Tongzi accent. Location where lost: Tongzi County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province State: Guizhou Province

Qichang Deng

Male Name: Qichang Deng Date of Birth: 09/02/2005 Tel: 05512843432 He wore a pale blue shirt, gray sweater, dark gray pants and white and yellow Boston shoes. He spoke Cantonese dialect. He had pale skin, little hair, a hair spin and a light black birthmark. Location where lost: Chongyu Group, Jiangpin Town, Fangchenggang Village, Guangxi…

Xiaojing Li

Name: Xiaojing Li Date of Birth: –/–/2003 Tel: 05512843432 She was wearing a red and blue turtleneck, gray trousers and brown leather shoes when she went missing. Location where lost: Guizhou Province, Anshun City, South Plaza State: Guizhou Province