Xiaoshuang Zhang

Male   Name: Xiaoshuang Zhang   Date of Birth: 2/15/1999   Tel: 13865025339   Description: scar on left fingertip, black birthmark on right elbow.   Place last seen: Fuhai middle school, Dianchi road, Kunming   Province: Yunnan

Kunkun Yu

Male   Name: Kunkun Yu   Date of Birth: 2005-07   Tel: 13865025339 Date last seen: 10/28/2007 Description: blue veined birthmark between eyes, abducted by a twenty-something year old man driving a cart. Our aunt’s son, abducted before he learned a single word other than mama and daddy. Our aunt’s family are already all migrant…

Meijie Chen

Male   Name: Meijie Chen   Date of Birth: October 2002 Tel: 13865025339   Date last seen: 9/1/2007 Description: 90 cm tall at time of disappearance, last seen playing in Pinghu park recreation center, wearing yellow t-shirt with English letters printed on it, light blue denim jeans, blue flip flops.   Place last seen: Qingshuihe…

Ling Wang

Name: Ling Wang   Date of Birth: 6/3/2005   Tel: 13865025339   Date last seen: 12/24/2006 Description: wearing red flowered shirt, pink hat, dark blue pants, red shoes.   Place last seen: Subo, Chengdu, Sichuan   Province: Sichuan

Li Feng

Male   Name: Li Feng   Date of Birth: September 1990   Tel: 13865025339   Description: last seen wearing red jacket, navy blue shirt, muddy yellow pants, white sneakers.   Place last seen: Sichuan, Jiangxi   Province: Jiangxi

Xiang Li

Male   Name: Xiang Li   Date of Birth: 11/15/1989   Tel: 13865025339   Description: small eyes, round face, shorter than most children his age.   Place last seen: Shenyang train station, Liaoning   Province: Heilongjiang

Xuezhuo Yang

Name: Xuezhuo Yang   Date of Birth: 1995   Tel: 13865025339   Description: short hair, 1.53 meters tall, large brown mole on left eyebrow.   Place last seen: Xinjiang   Province: Xinjiang Uigher Autonomous region