Chenglin Li

Name: Chenglin Li Date of Birth: –/–/2003 Tel: 13865025339 Linlin was abducted when he was 3 and half years old. He has a round face, single eyelids and yellowish hair.  He is very smart, lovely and enjoys helping his parents with chores.  He knows his parents’ names. If anyone has seen Linlin, please call the…

Liu Wenbo

Male Name: Liu Wenbo Date of Birth: 08/17/1999 Tel: 13865025339 He was a good student in Grade 2 and had a round face. Location where lost: Liu Yong Yao Branch Township village of Shaanxi Province LUOCHUAN County Township State: Shaanxi Province

Shuo Li

Male Name: Shuo Li Date of Birth: –/–/2002 Tel: 13865025339 According to several witnesses, on June 19, 2007, a long-haired woman in white abducted the child. When he was kidnapped, Shuo Li was wearing a white shirt with red stripes, black shorts with gray pants and red scandals.  He can speak Mandarin. Location where lost:…

Xu Meng

Name: Xu Meng Date of Birth: –/–/2000 Tel: 13865025339 At the time she went missing, she was 7 years old and 1.2 meters tall. She was wearing a blue jacket and jeans. Location where lost: Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province State: Jiangsu Province

Chan Shu Kai

Name: Chan Shu Kai Date of Birth: Year 2001 Tel: 13865025339 He was 1.2 meters tall, flat headed and lanky. At 10 a.m. on October 15, he disappeared from Wenzhou city while wearing a gray shirt, black pants and blue shoes. There is a scar under his right eyebrow. Location where lost: Zhejiang Wenzhou city,…

Xueyu Yuan

Name: Xueyu Yuan Date of Birth: –/–/1992 Tel: 13865025339 He was 15 years old and 1.60 meters tall at the time he went missing. Location where lost: Zhengzhou City, Henan Golden Harbour Building 1, 24th Floor, Phase II construction site State: Henan Province

Feihu Chen

Name: Feihu Chen Date of Birth: 06/11/1987 Tel: 13865025339   He knows his parents’ names and can recognize his family members. He has prolapsed disease, which inhibits his ability to walk. Location where lost: Nongmao Market, Jiangxi Province State: Jiangxi

Qian Ji

Male Name: Qian Ji Date of Birth: –/–/1997 Tel: 13865025339 He has been mentally disabled since the age of five. Location where lost: Town, Qingpu, Shanghai NGS State: Zhejiang, China

Juntao Yu

Name: Juntao Yu Date of Birth: –/–/2004 Tel: 13865025339 He had yellowish skin and short hair. He was wearing a beige jacket, a hat, black pants and blue sneakers when he went missing. He can speak the Jiangxi Shangrao dialect and Mandarin. He has a purple birthmark on his left leg. He also had congenital…