Ma Wen Jun

Female Name: Ma Wen Jun Date of Birth: May 9, 1992 Tel: 13865025339 She was wearing a red short-sleeved shirt, denim shorts and white sandals and was carrying a shoulder bag when she went missing.  She is soft spoken. Location where lost: Yanshi City, Henan Province State: Henan

Zhao Teng

Male Name: Zhao Teng Date of Birth: Year 2006 Tel: 13865025339 He was wearing a beige jacket, yellow striped pants and beach sandals when he went missing. Location where lost: White Horse Village, Jiaozuo City, Henan State: Henan

Jiang Bo

Male Name: Jiang Bo Date of Birth: Year 1996 Tel: 13865025339 He was about one meter tall, a little fat and had right wrist burn marks when he went missing. On October 21, 2001, in the East Jin Qing Shi East courtyard, he was abducted by a couple.  The male was about 1.65 meters tall…

Hu Ting Ting

Female Name: Hu Ting Ting Date of Birth: Year 2002 Tel: 13865025339 She has thin hair, single eyelids, flat nose and a petite mouth.  She speaks Mandarin. Location where lost: Quanzhou Anping Town State: Fujian Province

Gong Jiang Fan

Female Name: Gong Jiang Fan Date of Birth: 12 years old Tel: 13865025339 She had a slim build when she disappeared.  She was wearing a short-sleeved green shirt, blue jeans and white sandals. Location where lost: Guancheng District, Henan Province State: Henan

Yue Tian Tian

Female Name: Yue Tian Tian Date of Birth: March 20, 1991 Tel: 13865025339 She had short hair, a round face and was chubby when she went missing. Location where lost: Yucai technical school, Shen Qiu County, Henan State: Henan

Chen Yu Ling

Female Name: Chen Yu Ling Date of Birth: December 17, 2005 Tel: 13865025339 She was 105 cm tall when she went missing. She was wearing a beige short-sleeved T-shirt, beige knit pants and blue slippers. Location where lost: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou Panyu State: Guangdong Province